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Art of Listing

Luxury SoCal Villas offers a fresh, innovative approach to viewing listings by making use of state-of-the-art technology that can showcase homes like never before.

A listing that stands out attracts the most number of potential buyers. Our techniques give buyers the best vantage point possible of a home, so they can see it in great detail and get a more accurate feel of what it’s like to actually walk through the home and explore its living spaces.

The business of real estate is a constantly changing landscape – through the use of the latest technology, we’ll be able to successfully market your home and help pave the path towards a successful sale in no time.

Aerial Cinematography

In a highly competitive market, one of the best methods to get an incredible overview of a home is through the use of aerial cinematography. Gone are the days when getting an aerial photo or video was only possible through using extremely expensive methods involving helicopters or small aircrafts.

Nowadays, drones serve as a cost-efficient and accessible tool that can be used to take bird’s eye photos of a property, which can give any listing an advantage. Including an aerial photo or video of your home will give your listing a more attractive overview, along with highlighting its location in relation to its surroundings.

Desert Living TV

Immersive 3D Video

When listing a home, the goal is to present it in such a way so that it sells for the highest price in the most efficient way possible. 3D Videos gives buyers the option to see all corners of your home in outstanding detail.

3D videos give viewers a better sense of scale and depth, which isn’t possible through traditional photography. This can serve as a virtual “Open House,” which can be viewed 24/7 from computers or mobile devices, no matter where you are in the world.

Immersive 3D Video

Virtual Reality Home Tours

Another innovative method we use to showcase a home is self-guided virtual reality tours. These VR tours give potential buyers complete control of a home tour, so they can view every living space and see the home from different angles at their own pace.

VR tours make it possible for clients to experience what it’s like to explore a home as if they were actually there. They can “walk” through a home’s interiors, see every room, check out the view from the windows, and even see what the home looks like from the driveway – even when they’re in a different location, thousands of miles away.

VR Home Tours

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First impressions are everything, as the saying goes. This is especially true when it comes to marketing a home online, where buyers can quickly move on to view another listing at the click of a mouse button.

Your goal is to put your best foot forward and impress viewers as soon as they view your listing. Through our crisp, high-quality images, your home shines immediately right off the bat. Our professional photographers can get the best images of your home, highlighting distinct architectural details and capturing the best angles of any living space.

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