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Joshua Tree

Located in southeastern California, Joshua Tree National Park encompasses a land area of over 790,000 acres, approximately half of which is a designated wilderness area. The park was declared a US National Park in 1994, after the US Congress Public Law 103-433, known as the California Desert Protection Act.

It was originally designated as a National Monument in 1936, encompassing over 825,000 acres at the time. In 1950, the park’s size was reduced by around 265,000 acres in order to separate several mining properties. 234,000 acres was added back to the park in 1994, after it was elevated to a National Park.

Two desert ecosystems

Joshua Tree National Park fuses two sprawling desert ecosystems together – the Mojave and the Colorado. Very few areas in the world display the distinct contrast between “high” and “low” deserts.

The Colorado Desert, which takes up the eastern portion of the park, lies below 3,000 feet. This desert is abundant with creosote bush, which is known for producing small yellow flowers during the spring and summer. The landscape is also littered by many strands of ocotillo, as well as cholla cacti.

The Mojave Desert, on the other hand, is on a higher altitude and is slightly cooler and wetter. This is the home of the Joshua tree, which the park is named after. Legend has it that Mormon pioneers thought limbs of the Joshua trees resembled the outstretched arms of Joshua, and took it as a sign that the trees were pointing them towards the promised land.

A stunning landscape

Joshua Tree National Park features some of the most scenic geological displays in the entire country. Visitors of the park can gaze at gargantuan granite monoliths and towering mountains made of twisted rocks and get a glimpse of the remarkable natural forces that sculpted the landscape.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a myriad of unforgettable recreational activities are available at this beautiful desert park.

Go hiking or horseback riding through boulder piles, desert washes, and the enchanting Joshua tree forests. Stay overnight at one of the many campsites, and see the night sky illuminated by billions of stars. Activities at the Joshua Tree National Park are ideal for visitors of all ages – you can go for a relaxing nature walk or some bird watching, or opt for more adrenaline-pumping activities such as mountain biking or rock climbing.

Real estate options and homes for sale near Joshua Tree National Park

A top-notch selection of fantastic real estate options are available for those looking for a home close to Joshua Tree National Park. Some of the excellent neighborhoods located close to the park include Monument Manor, Joshua Tree Highlands, Panorama Heights, Sunset Wash, Friendly Hills, Downtown South, and Bartlett Mountain Range.

Buyers will be able to choose from properties that can fit any type of preference and budget, from comfortable 2-bedroom apartments and condos, stylish townhomes, and single-family homes with first-class features.

Many of the homes are built to take advantage of the stunning desert landscape and mountain vistas, with features such as multiple patios, floor-to-ceiling windows, wraparound sundecks and more.